Saturday, 22 September 2012


Suddenly feel like updating this dead blog. And so I'm here now. heh.

I can feel the s-t-r-e-s-s because of SPM.

I can also feel the h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s after spm. hehe.

Went to listen undang for 5 hours today. Luckily i met Sally. Lol.
If not, boredom kills. 
And i don't think i have learn anything from the ceramah. 
Planning to take my undang test next week and i hope i can get my license before2013! ^_^

Trial was kinda hard for me. 
And of course it's impossible for me to get any A's in trial -,-
How useless am i ~_~

Feel so lazy to go to school after trials end.
Go school = slack.
Prefer to stay at home and wake up at 1pm everyday.
And im praying for my purata. Absent for so many days, purata sure 不像样。Haih.

Fall in love with this food. Friends say it doesn't taste really delicious but i love it idk why. haha
Ate this for almost 3 times in a week :p

Don't know what to type already hahaaaaaaa.
Pictures lah :D

at Waku-Waku

ss in the fitting room :p

study session @ The Borders :D

 My new friend - Leslie ;)
a very naughty friend.

when he says sorry. haha

two cuties ^0^

stupid faces

High tea 

Found this awesome cover on a facebook page and i forgot the name of the page.



Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Long time x blog :S Feel so lazy now a days.
My last post is about exam and now exam is over :') But trial exam is coming soon -.-
Report card day is on 25th of July . shitz T_T 
Feel so stupid for my sivik paper marks. I FAILED SIVIK HAHAHA.
Cause my sivik group didn't pass up our project although we visited SPCA together :p
nvm nvm nvm its not important lol. 

Done account project and nowwww, seni projectttttttt.
So many things are still undone. Plus my drawing skill is suck. 
Hope i can done it on this saturday with my beloved potatoes which is Elaine PuiYung Janice & KaiBin XD

Started to nervous for SPM. But im still always slacking around haiiiiyooooooooo.

Skipped my last year of Teacher's Day and Sports Day. Regretted leh lol. :P
Sports day look so fun after i view all the pictures which taken on that day :')
Ungu is still the best~!

idk what to type already XD. 

Picture picture kay? ;D

 Wearing class jersey ^_^v

 My new baby!!

KFC with mushroom head. XD

 Breakfast for him. Chef: AppleGohYuYan

 Picture edited by elainelai XD

 Taman pertanian <3

Fail dragonfly picture taken by choikahsoon. 

 Melaka trip. ;)

 Shabu-shabu with friendsss ^_^

 He looks so dumb here. HAHAHA. XD

my boy.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Went school and do nothing just to wait for pjpk paper at 11.50am.
Chat chat chat with four potatoes. Which is elaine puiyung janice and kaibin XD.
Stayed back with choikahsoon. Went Amcorp Mall to have our lunch ;)

I guess tomorrow will be another lifeless day in school. Sivik paper tomorrow lol.
Talking session with potatoes again i guess :p

Two more days till mid year holidays! *excited*
Buttttt, trial is coming soon omg. Ok let just dont think about it and enjoy for the coming holiday first heh :p

Going to start teaching little kid violin on this friday. Kinda nervous haha.
I scared i can't handle those kids. Since Jacintha told me that some of them are really naughty :p
Wish me luck! :p

noob is noob. noob is cks. cks is noob.
random :p

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hi readers~! *if there's any readers for my blog heh*
Long time no seeeeeeeeeeee :P

Haven't been updating my blog for a long time. BUSY? No lah. It's laziness fault. hehe.

hmm where to start where to start ?
Okay, exam is coming real soon. serious shit. #lol.
And i'm still very very blur in many subjects :S
Thank god that i've started my account tuition on last month.
If notttt, die 99.
I hope I'll pass my account paper for this term exam. Since i didn't pass account before, since form 4. 
Damn l-a-u-z-y hor.

Todayyy, went sunway pyramid alone just to find a science reference book. And i found it, like finally. *wink*

*sudden thought*

I have no idea to blog what liao.


 SPCA with my beloved 5P3 ;p


baking :3

mommy's birthday ^^

Baby owl from him <3

Made this for him hehe.


gila gf.

 Band concert with him. And 11th anniversary, mwahhh.
 Thanks for the iphone stand babe.

sleepy eyes huh :p


RT "如果可以,你能不能在我生气时轻声说:宝贝,我们不闹了好不好,我知道错了,让你捏耳朵还不成吗;如果可以,在我无理取闹时你就随声附和着吧,并使劲说:好,宝贝怎样都是对的!抬头是你宠溺的微笑;如果可以,我希望这辈子都有你陪伴;如果可以,下辈子还要和你在一起。如果可以,我们就结婚吧。"

saw this from twitter.
My boy did all these to me. *so proud so proud* hehehehehehehehe.
Love you!


Monday, 26 March 2012

Skipped school today. I'm sick D:

Feel so boring staying at home. So i decided to blog ;)

Last friday, went midvalley with my lovesss which is luotaitai  and elainelaiyeethin.
Had our lunch @ Pancake House. Nice food :)


Saturday, went bomba practise.

Received a really bad news while having bomba practise.
One of my friend's dad has passed away.
My condolences.

It was a really sad accident. Too sudden :X
I believe that their family can stay strong to this fact.

People, appreciate life & appreciate people around you.


Sunday, went ioi mall with cousin sister.
IOI mall is getting boring for me.


Movie and lunch after school yesterday.



Last year;s form 5 already know their SPM results.
omgg so fast.
It's our turn for this year woi 2012's  form 5'ssss.

fighting fighting


Watched The Vow!

feeling dizzy now.
should stop here hehhh.
buh bye!